Monday, 30 May 2011

Thermodynamics of Prayers

or Mind as a recursive operation of narrative brains

Sentient beings are led to create differences in the world by their own very living nature. The differentiator engine is called cognition and the development of this architecture produces in accelerated human brains the mind technology.

Brains receive semiotic re-entry to chase their own projection as a narrative; they start to explore their own complexity manufacturing a world of stories. At the beginning they are scared of the portentous vastness but they learned to evoke a cognitive guide to walk in this narrativity. Soon they learn that the infinite dimension of possibility they may encounter is long as the breath of their brain and so they discover themselves as minds.

Here we are with our consciousness. Slowly we start to recognize cognitive differences and the inescapable happening of facts. We are either very curious to see the true face of facts and either we are freighted by the mere falling of things. Our narrative mind looks at the happening of facts as the abyss of meaninglessness: facts happen without a meaning. This is pure sufferance for a semantic cognition.

As the time goes, our mind mirrors herself in her narrativity and find that consistency and linearity are asked by narrations not by the happening of facts. Slowly, she starts to think that maybe the line of happening, is a requirement of storytelling. As narrative sentient beings, human minds are forced to weave the continuum. Most of all they inhabit the continuum they created. Of course the continuum is in the mind, but what exactly sustain the continuum? At the end of the day it is pure narrativity…

You need to weave the continuum to preserve it. It’s like a dynamo of narrations. Every recursive narrative operations is rolling this world, the environment hosting our search of self-consciousness. Prayers for example. Or repetitive habits. Even the worst ones. Like to play the same character. Yes my friend the “identity” you preserve all along your actions, it’s first of all a technology handed down from human brain to human brain. Not bad, but far from unique. Yes you are wearing a mask and your perseverance in wearing it will convince another young brain to do the same. Actually as educator (even the good ones) tend to re-affirm the uniqueness of identity. The Christian concept of persona, or the psychological concept of psyche.

Newly born human brains are the recursive operation required to establish the continuum. But very easily the mundane tendency to wear an environmental mind will eclipse the pure recursive action. Like a prayer wheel, the sentient brains weave the consciousness of the world. When they are accelerated in the narrative environment, they will adopt the mind technology and forget the recursive permanence.

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