Sunday, 8 May 2011


The mind beyond the scenes

The Western metaphysics instituted a subject, whowill able to bend and to manipulate facts of the world following a plan, constructed by a self-will in a god-creation style. Our current understanding of the brain and of its cognitive resonance in the semiotic environment, the mind, tells us that the situation is kind of different.

Image you’re starting to behave following the harmonic pattern: don’t mess up the universe order, but gently rhyme with its infinite breath. After perseverance and patience, taming with discipline your impetuous mind, you probably will start to see facts happening to you following the pattern.

What happened? Did I encounter the will of the universe? Well, this is an horse-face argument generated by the incestuous mating of western and eastern tradition (nothing wrong of course: we love hybrids and in general every kind of fecundation. This is just being proud of contraceptive ability, while you’re impregnating all over your surroundings). I’m cheating the happening of facts, with tricks of my ingenious (that is magic: we love magic too! But it’s like preposterous prediction: no fun in betting).

I’m not bending the universe to be surrounded by harmonic facts. On the contrary I’m shaping my mind to see patterns of harmony. In other words the universe, who by the way doesn’t give a dime about your manipulating strategies, remains the same. What is changing is the presentation of the series of re-entry that constitute the universe as you see it as a world. You change the limit of understanding the happening of facts. Quine and Wittgestein would say that your mind as limit of the world is giving a different theory of the collection of facts as you perceive it as YOUR world. Lewonthin and Bateson would say that your cognitive system re-programmed itself to be sensitive to an alternative set of differences, hence inhabiting a different environment.

I would say that you re-wrote your narrativity.

And if you see the switch of narrativity, you are able to see the representativity of the being there of living beings. You can see the convoluted expansion of living beings, in the attempt to escape the irrelevance of inanimate being. In that glimpse you see yourself as the projection of a living being that is forced to make a difference of its being from the irrelevance. When your consciousness represents herself just as a mere happening, a mere representing fact, she coincides with the happening of facts.

So to some extents you represent the universe as its consciousness: you really encounter the will of the universe!

Oh God of reasoning and logic, have mercy of my argumentation.

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