Wednesday, 2 September 2009

Super-powering armors:the ideals arms race on the Soviet side

How do you scale ideals? At first glance they seem to
be quite light. A lot of people say to be motivated to achieve important goals through strong beliefs. Still I think it's easy to classify these as case of fanaticism: you can lift up your pain tolerance just being fanatically concentrated on an idea. So am I saying that stro
ng believers are fanatics? Yes, indeed; but just because is more than human to resist torture or pain for "thing" like an idea. The real issue is: are these "ideas" empty or worthy?Has the content of these super-powering tools any kind of truth? To be completely honest, it's really difficult to tell. All we can do is trying to follow a big scenario where we can see how ideals work on large scale. This evening we picked up communism and Russians.

So let's populate our stage. Russia, a huge country, looking at Europe but with a breast wide as Asia(or at least so Dostoevskij said...); at the time of the facts, a very backward absolutist monarchy. Czars and their courts had always two evergreen issues: how to catch up with Europe and how not to trust Europe. In the other corner, we have communism, a new hardcore philosophy yet quite embedded in real life issues,a kind of idea willing to soil with the world. The good old Marx was a bourgeois, disappointed by his society, dreaming of changing it for the good. And it developed a very bourgeois theory (in fact I'd say our society are to some extent, very Marxist: communism is meant to be revolutionary only to achieve his goals and our societies got them; then invented also new potential goals and so on...). Marx was looking at Germany or UK to spread his ghost, because he thought it needed the most progressive and advanced societies to be implemented.
So it has been a huge surprise to see communism winning in Russia (a good example of how even the author, sometimes, doesn't know everything about his story...).

The second point to make regards the leverage of communism. As a sort of "exoskeleton" for culture warfare, communism perfectly suited the dreams and the ambitions of the Russians. In just few years they grew as a Superpower, overtaking every other European country; Russia also inoculated the ghost in Europeans, much more deeply and effectively that any other Continental subversive group before. A very high percentage of European supported not only
the values of communism but specifically the Russian side.Most of them agreed with communism. Very surprisingly, citizen of very patriotic states like UK or France committed themselves completely to the cause. How to call this? Was communism good but misinterpreted? Was Russians the true interprets of this ideal? I'd say that stories, ideals and human history are a bit more complicated than the toss of a coin. It's misguiding to say that communism failed, as to say that capitalism triumphed. Anyway we don't want to judge, we are just interested in see the mechanism.
Going back to the phenomenon, you can say that communism needed to be embodied by strong persuasion, to be implemented with power and strength, in order to maintain its promise to subvert societies and turn up side down class hierarchy. On the other side Russia needed a new kind of weapon to catch up and it couldn't be anything else than a mind arms race.

Russians wore something tailored for them, they got a glance of a very powerful tool like an armor and they understood (felt) how to use it. Every time you see a big force, it's an ideal than made it in some one mind. It sounds quite viral, but should we then avoid viruses? Here we are starting to grab something. I wouldn't recommend you to catch a retrovirus, but for our species they are good, they decimate the population and leave the survivors with some widgets,like placenta. So is it any good to spread viruses? Well, it's bad to arm people, but you decide what is more harmful, their minds or their bodies? (and it's a very hard choice for a materialistic...). Using an armor of ideals is good
to enhance your capabilities or it's cheating and it should be banned? A race is built when competitors are running. Should a cheetah be banned because too quick? If this sounds funny, there's to add also that we aren't exactly constrained by the sole physical evolution, our ideas grow with us and are part of our assets. Just surviving it's not the only way to value our assets. Our asset comprises a very extensive set of ghost armors and tools we use to stay alive, to stay happy, to stay together, to stay. Without our paraphernalia of ideas and ideals, we would be in serious trouble ( to stay is good in the measure of your appreciation of being instead of not being)
In conclusions are ideals empty or worthy? Try to be creative then: they are empty like spare time is absence of appointment you want to miss and they are worthy as the most humble thing when you need it. I like
when the plans come together!