Thursday, 16 August 2012

Designed by rain

Things happen. It's just the way it is. You would like to push purposes and reasons in the way things happen. But it's just a waste of energy. Things happen, this is just the only way.
Take life. Do you think life is marvellous, astonishing, the product of intelligent desing? Ok follow the rain. Raindrops fall, one by one. They are not angry nor unhappy: they are just raindrops.

Let it rains for, says a billion years. You seem the problem is that just sitting and watching raining for a billion years it is a very long time. A very long time. So long that is almost impossible for us to really conceive it, so we just say “ a very long time”. But this is source of problem. You don't know what is a very long time. Office job? Long time. New Delhi-Chennai by local train. Each station. Very long time. Anyway. This is human long time. But for things to happen “universally”, long time is a different matter, much longer. So, let's happen life.

At first, go with hydrogenation of carbon. How fun is that??? Well, it is. You have very long chains of “things”.They are pretty smart, they self-catalyst themselves, it means they started a trip and they maintain it through feeding produced by the trip itself. Some of these self-spinning are also mirroring themselves. In their spinning they express the spinning itself. Sorry Mary, but this is biblical. A spinning that run its own memory of spinning. Someone very smart must have conceived it!
Acutally, it was the rain.

Let's things happen. Let's have some ammonia and carbon and oxygen. Let's adunate them, with random calls every thousands years. What happen? Nothing. Then wait. If you wait for a long time. (A very long time) these bubbles of stuff, sometimes, will stick together. Why??? Well, stay for a billion years in the same position ,then tell me if you don't look for another posture. Our aminoacids friends thought the same. They stuffed together after a million of different combination. Like raindrops. Molecule after molecule, they fall together. But it rained combination after combination. One day the protein chain folded in a way that was mirror-spinning. The rain of facts assembled that chain. In a very long time, life was designed by rain. In a very long time.