Monday, 11 July 2011

The other face of the miserable human falling or The gentle landing of a lotus on a water surface

Human minds are cognitive machine that can manipulate symbols and their own symbolism; to handle their own re-writing, they must figure out themselves as the narrative projection of an authorship. This turns out to produce the feeling of self-consciousness. The problem is, when a machine turns out to be self-conscious, this strikes her as a panic attack. Indeed the human condition can be described (by itself!) as falling. S.Augustinus spoke of cursed amass referring to humankind; Heidegger defined this state as geworfheneit or being thrown-ness. Indeed self-consciousness lures to a promised land of meanings, but the sense of meaningful never comes.

At this point a consciousness can face the abyss of meaninglessness and feel all the misery and sufferance of human condition. In a Kafkian sentenced universe, minds realize that there is no plan, no line, no reward. Not even punishment: everything happen by mere chance. If you are a cognitive machine that produce meanings in order to fuel your self-conscious intelligence, those are bad news.

Memorandum: when we’ll build self-conscious machine, we’ll face the same problem. You can’t build it without illusions, but you need to call that fiction reality if you want your machine to play.

So we’re back to our inside devastated mind. As a reaction to the shocking discovery, the denial procedures create a backyard space of meanings: the logical extension of the promised land of sensed world. We are sentient beings, we need a world with sense. So our idols are ready to be believed. Or, gently and with civilized manners, we can hold the hand of the mind (our mind) and conduct tenderly to the acknowledgement that the world is meaningless and so it is the mind. Sufferance for non-sense is illusionary as the false promises.

The fact that your salvation is nothing, is not bad news. The highest shelter consists in the absence of peril. And if you are nothing and your god is nothing, you are god (this sentence is proudly brought to you by the Association of Universal Reasoning, trademark). Of course you are not the kind of god with super powers. I’m sorry, you’re not that kind of divinity. You can only be compassionate for your condition of empty self-conscious intelligence. You’re still falling, but it’s the harmonious going down of a flower on a river. I’m joking: you’re still nose-diving like the dork parachute-less you are.

Remember the next time: if you are a self-conscious intelligence and this provokes a falling, provide yourself with a better understanding of the nature of mind. Your mind is wondering about sense, isn’t she? So you do feel the falling! All right, don’t worry: my petaled friend, you can easily see your condition as the gently surfing on the falling of your self-conscious intelligence.