Wednesday, 18 May 2011

The convoluted thirst of an organism with a complex cognitive architecture

What is the meaning of a need for an organism? To get something in order to rebalance the disequilibrium their mere existence provokes. That’s why plants eat light. So: do human beings need oil? This strange species of primate apes raid its own planet, torture the environment hosting it and rape the womb that nurtured it.

The cognitive architecture of human beings is coupled with their cultural and technological environment. The extended mind theory is concerned with the cognitive aspects of that. Moreover on the neurologist Damasio is interested in the relation between emotions and neurobiology. A step further should speak about the cognitive emotions of the technological augmentation in which a human brain is hosted: a mind is hosted in her cultural environment and contains it.

So we should see these human raiders who predate their own Mother Nature in terms of technological needs, endogenous infection and the sacred ritual of a subconscious nightmare. These primate apes are compulsively forced to hyper detect differences in their environment, de facto inventing them. After that they are doomed to chase the needs created by their own ingenious, condemned to be pursued by the demons of their own cognitive architecture: the human mind is haunted by her own complexity.

So the escalation of this cognitive thirst extends herself scavenging her own environment. Vampire-like thirsted of natural resources, men are inebriated by the smell of elemental fluids and organ of Mother Earth.

They cannibalistically lick the dark blood of their fossil ancestors, stabbing deep the bowels of Nature. Like maniacs, they gut the internal organs of metals present in the entrails of Gea. They eat literally every single animal companion they can possibly find, they infect every single corner of the planet. They are the powerful infection a living being can catch. But also this predation, this rape is sacred, which doesn’t mean is less dreadful and guilty, quite on the contrary the holiness of this crime deem herself as a monstrousity generated by nature herself.

Engineers who look at themselves like the most rational employees in the human division of labour, are indeed the sacred criminals, the untouchable executioner who execute the rituals, the incestuous rape, the horrible dismembering. But the rotten kiss, human brains are given to their earth, is the circle of purification they invented themselves to open the eyes of self-consciousness. They are sinners pouring their guilt consciousness, de facto pouring “a” consciousness.

Without foul murder, stone guilt and execrable conduct, you don’t have purification and elevation. Without the circle of crime and punishment, you wouldn’t be able to accelerate an innocent primate brain in to a pervert human mind. Without their convoluted thirst, human brain couldn’t see themselves as the consciousness mirroring their minds.

The ultimate need, of course, is being able to see that there are no needs at all. This is the final, sacred, crime: the dismemberment of consciousness.

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