Tuesday, 26 April 2011

The flight of the penguin


It happens men are falling

Men, including their consciousness, are facts of the world. So they happen. Like Stars and atoms, they fall in to the world. They also represent, as it’s typical of living beings. They also represent their own representing activity, that is, they are self-conscious of their representation. Indeed they are able to see their own representation, because their representing activity is leaving traces that they chase. This process is generating the interpreter of the self-representation.

The fall of men as facts is interpreted by their consciousness as a meaningful event. You can call the friction of being a consciousness with her mere happening , narrativity.

A mind can only see her own being there as the deployment of a story. But it just happen so.

This is neither meaningful nor meaningless. It’s like saying that penguins are dreaming to fly, where in reality they are just swimming. But the very funny fact is that penguins ARE flying, they are doing just in an alien world. Because they are alien. At least from the perspective of our apelike brain: understanding is a series of narrations. You can tell the story that penguins are swimming. Or they are inhabiting an alien world, where temperatures are far below zero, where conditions are prohibitive for not-poles animals like us.

Imagine penguins are living on an alien planet. They fly in the irrespirable atmosphere, but they need to land in the desolated territories, where the only benefit is that you can breathe.

Wouldn’t be easier to say that penguins are simply swimming???

Well, the point is we master the language we are using to describe the swimming of the penguin in water and the flying of birds in air. But the meaningfulness of our narrativity is showing the limit of our understanding. And it’s not a matter of theories or measurements: it’s not that we are lacking precision.

Narrativity is the light of our understanding, so for us it’s inevitable to see in this light. But that light is generated by our understanding. We happen to be aware, when we are seeing narrations in the happening of facts. When we are able to walk through the meaning of our world, we are seeing penguins flying. Maybe they are just swimming, maybe our understanding is the compulsive projection to see as with sense the human being there. When a concept prescribes its own application, you can’t say this is the right, this is the wrong application. The execution reverberates on the prescription.

Morale: if you say a penguin is flying, you’re not wrong. But you are changing our understanding of flying (and many surrounded concepts). If you say the human self-consciousness is able to understand her own projection as a mind, you are not saying a mind understands the surrounding world, but the understanding radiates a world in which being reflected. Hold your breath and fly brother,

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