Wednesday, 27 April 2011

Cognitive Investigations:

the 10 little Soldiers of mind paradox

In 10 little Soldiers the interpret, the reader is brought to think of a paradox: there are multiple murders, but everyone is killed. Because we need to exclude super-natural causes (for respect of our intelligence and for a typical shortsighted tendency, very frequent in analytical minds), then we have an impossible scenario, which is a paradox: under the laws of reason, if something is impossible, it can’t happen.

The solution is that no every detectable clue is really what it seems. Indeed one little (bastard) soldier just faked his own death.

Now take a human mind. We know that a human brain alone is not a mind (in the history of evolution we have human brains that didn’t present the peculiar characteristics necessary to claim the presence of a mind) : it must be triggered to develop a mind condition. So we need to trail the cognitive tracks and find the consciousness- awakener. The first step is kind of easy: human brains are ignited in to minds by other minds. This sounds reasonable but it’s also potentially misleading. Moreover its partial clarification can overshadow the broader solution (indeed the brain rising to consciousness overshadows its own enlightenment …).

Human minds don’t transform a mindless brain in to a mind-added brain: they bring no material carrier of change in the human brain subject to their mind-generating influence. But this is impossible! A brain alone can’t turn in to a mind, but the mind evangelization is not touching the brain, it’s just a story! Well, a human brain under the cognitive fellowship of other brain-companions, is grazed in to the self-exploration of its own complexity.

There is no physical contact between the already mind brain companions and the mind wannabe brain companion, though their presence it’s a stimulus for the brain to initiate the extension in its cognitive surroundings. The mind-terraforming habitat hosting the newly born accelerates the brain to establish a semiotic irradiation, then the cognitive resonance of the neuro-connections will institute a representation complex enough to explore her own complexity. In other words the brain extend itself in to a self-deployment: it trails the cognitive tracks of its self-exploration.

Therefore the brain elevates itself in to a mind, in the magnetic suspension provoked by some brain companions. This sounds a lot like the Baron of Munchausen, who was lifting himself. But it was just a story. As a fact, it’s impossible. And because something impossible must be a story, we deduct that human minds are only stories: brains are only faking their own self-consciousness.

Little soldier-brains, handing down each other the story of the mind, are trailing the cognitive tracks of their neuro-extension in the semiotic environment. Recovering from the narrative surroundings the re-entry, the little soldier brains detect the destination of the message: a human mind. And through the cognitive investigation, a human brain deploys itself in the destination of the semiotic tracks it is trailing: itself. The story is to be written, because through its interpretation the reader will tell the story itself and the mind who will invent it. This is the sense of a mind as a representation: a little soldier brain…

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