Saturday, 30 April 2011

The cognitive plateau

Where everything began

A peculiar group of apes one day speeded up their brain in narrative accelerators, generating minds. It seems the narrative accelerators irradiate cognitive performances in the brains,accelerated on their infrastructures. But curiously, when a mind is ignited, beside some secondary cognitive abilities (numeracy or orientation, and of course the coupling with the specific technological augmenting tool), every human intelligence is nothing more nothing less than a human mind, a man.

In the Western the pale, lewd shamans of thinking (in the person of Martin “Boom- Boom – Put – your – Hand - Up –in- - the - Air” Heidegger) rediscovered (invented: it’s always the same trick…) the Geworfeinheit , or the being thrown in the world condition. No matter the sophistication of your narrative infrastructures, no matter the swankiest purity of your Greek thinking or your Japanese coolness in cognitive posture or your last brain augmentation founded by the Defense Minister of the US, your ignited mind remains the primeval self-consciousness.

Your augmented brain can’t overtake himself, therefore his acceleration always causes the being thrown in the world.

In the ancestral plateau, men are already always in the being thrown in the world cognitive condition. Cyclically they are enslaved, tortured, killed and humiliated for this. Yet they stand. Being thrown.

No matter how you try to lure them in the game of piling up infrastructures, putting the series of representations in front of them to seduce them, to corrupt them, to civilize them. They stand. Being thrown.

You cry for the misery which sometimes is caused by their condition. You exploit their incapacity of understanding the impossible difference between a lie and a contract. They stand and they throw in your face the condition, the same, unchanged since the very beginning when an ape conquered the fire of being ignited in to a mind by the recursive narrations of brain accelerators. That fire threw a brain ape in to the world and already always human minds are wandering on the plateau. And they stand.

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