Sunday, 22 September 2013

Shepherds of emptiness. Third and Final chapter: somebody loves you

Let’s recap from the previous episodes:
The train of sentient universe is going to crush horrendously in to nothing. OK? This the destination of any living being: one day it will stop to be alive.
The folding of complexity on itself till the auto-representation of its own projection becomes consciousness. OK? (Very roughly of course).
So we have a mind that is aware of its mortal destiny. You can do good, you can do bad. “Good” and “bad” always relative to a culture, a situation, a system of meanings. As a rule of thumb when you are doing bad, you are causing more distance, more separation in the universe. You are a thermo-dynamical rascal. Bad bad bad.

Doing good is respecting the proportion of the universe. I suppose that helping out a fellow bro that is not doing too well is better than slaughtering an entire elementary school. Of course. But the difference is more about the narrative that led us in that context and that will depart from it.

Because, “technically “speaking, it is not impossible to commit a massacre with pure heart. Surely I’d like to talk to such a Buddha. If he is able to gut another fellow mate without hate, revenge, even without will to impose its own significance, well he’s probably not committing any “wrong” action. I doubt such a person exists. Most of all, I doubt that any human being could be able to enact such a carnage with limpidity of soul. On the contrary I can perfectly imagine a heart unperturbed like steel, doing charitable deed for the benefit of his fellow mate, without any attempt of significance: helping him out like wind, like rain, unfazed if he dies or survive. So let’s soften his pain, dress his wounds. Wait.

Isn't it obvious that helping is better than hurting? Mmmmm. In principle, yes. But it is very difficult not to attach the will of significance, to hang meanings to a purely good deed in itself. So: who told you that is better living rather than dying? Then they are right the lizards and the bankers: try to expand the living mass, to stretch life expectancy. Which means that every time you feed your fellow, you are eating your own good deeds. But you can jeopardize to gorge your mind: with vanity of your magnanimity, of your all-knowing intellect. When you feed your mind with significance of its action, then your eating your selfishness.
Who told you that peace in the universe cannot be brought by a healthy elimination of human beings? Violence is bad…Yes of course. But so it is the sweet temptation of sanctity. Too much significance, too much love for the self. So as a rule of thumb, help out instead that kicking in the face. But leave your deed before it gets you. If you are easy in avoiding the slobbering of your good deeds, then charitable agency is good. Otherwise, well the universe attributes the same importance to your dying or surviving. So….So try not be an asshole, do your honest good deeds and that’s it.

Which takes us to the next station. When we can observe the universe in his aging course towards extinction, we can measure our own mortality. Kingdoms and gods, the most powerful demon and the most compassionate Buddha, they are all fading away in the void of nothingness. Yes: the purest heart of a Buddha will go into nothing at all. Sound strange for Christian hears, but yes, after enough eternity, the choir of Cherubins and just souls will stop. It will take a long time, but there is a point in the future (or in the past) where the angels will get so bore of their chants that their own yawing will devour themselves and they will disappear. End of Jesus. So if you get that at a certain point, even god will stop, then you can relax. And you can appreciate the universal, ontological sunset. One “day” in the future, the universe with all its gods and demons and Jesus, and Buddhas, will end. Like any human being is destined to expect.

Actually if you look dispassionately at THIS specific sunset, at the termination of your days, at your own death,  you can see the end of the universe. And if you can feel the end of the heartbeat of this ill fellow mate in front of you, you can actually feel the death of God. The train of the sentient universe is abiding in human consciousness no less than in the thousand minds of the highest god. Which is ok, I mean, not bad. The entire universe embodies in your consciousness and your feeling of fading away, of leaving this realm, is the very being of the universe feeling that homesickness of mortality. 

When you will close your eyes, your end of consciousness will be the end of everything. Of “one” everything among the infinite everything that constitute the universe. One consciousness is the fractal representation of the entire sum of every consciousness, from the almost imperceptible cognition of amoebas and bacteria, to the omniscient mind of gods. Our very limited consciousness is enough to grasp the texture of everything.

The essence of things, the being of the universe is moving from existence to impermanence through yourself. We are shepherds of being, taking care of its passage to nothing. We are now as we were at the beginning, with our ancestors in Africa. But we are shepherds in so far we are conducting the being of things towards their pastures of meaninglessness. When we take the being of the universe in our land without any significance, when we are able to attend our death as the death of every god and demon, then we are good shepherds. And we reconcile the universe of sentient beings with the inscrutable realities of mindless planets and rocks. In that instant, you are doing THE good deed and you reconcile with the universe, which is, by the way, the glory of eternal presence. Till it lasts. 

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