Monday, 6 June 2011

The class of handing down contradiction


Wittgenstein, commenting about logical contradiction, reflected: what does it mean for our life’s forms a contradiction? Why should we avoid it? Would it possible for a human community to live in the proximity of a logical contradiction?


If you are a consciousness, you represent your representational activity. The fact is, your representativity is not a further content, in addiction to all the others: you are that representation of representativity.


Russell elegantly treated the class of classes. Should we surprised that in the class ontology, there is a class entity, whose elements are classes? And should we scared by the fact that a class contains itself?

What have in common these three little stories? But most important: what do they diverge for, what is the difference?

The theory of classes is good to treat math objects; but to consider consciousness a class is a much more slippery concept. Am I the summary of the all the concepts my mind thinks of? Not really; concepts are traces of mind. "MY" consciousness is the hunting for that archaeological passage and, through that chase, a brain discovers his complexity as his own representation. You are more appropriately the limit of your thinking. And what is “you” and “me” is a cultural narration.

Your brain is accelerated by the narrative environment hosting him, to deploy himself as the narrativity inspired to him by the manipulation and manufacturing of the semiotic scenarios surrounding him. You are trained to have a mind by the stories of your community. Peculiar communities can develop peculiar stories. If I train your brain to recognize himself as a mind in a continuous path of narrativity all along different material bio-support (i.e. brains), it’s quite tempting to say you embodie the same emanation of consciousness. On the other bank of the river (the same, constantly changing river), if I train your brain to call the awakening of consciousness in the acceleration process, the unique creation of personal, individual mind, you’ll be tempted to have a Western belief about your consciousness.

The flow of consciousness is a technique the first men came across; they started to hand down that fire from generation to generation. Is this reincarnation or constant new creation? What I know is that the development of your brain is unique. So individual that it would be impossible to establish common ways of interactions amongst different brains. We hand down traditions since millennia. Every mystic, is a magician; his trade is stealing. For the good(?)

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