Thursday, 24 March 2011

Homo narrativus:

Exploring Latest Frontiers Endowed with Narrative Tools

The Man of Similaun is a guy, who lived circa 5000 thousand years ago in the Alps. If you think our ancestors were only hunters, dressed with animal skin, naïve and with a very limited technology, well, think again.

This man was very brave and wise, a kind of shaman in charge of impossible missions. He had a couple of amulets, the ancient version of I-phones, GPS, MP3 gadgets. He embarked alone in crossing the Alps (that would be difficult for us WITH our technology), carrying on a mission, dangerous and sensitive. In fact he was either spying or chased by spies. In the Alps. 5000 years ago. They wounded him to death, but they weren’t able to catch him. Did he succeed or fail? We don’t know.

Our man was a mix of Gandalf and Jason Bourne, an expert, a rainmaker (probably in the literal sense), a specialist. He was simply the protagonist of a thriller adventure.

If animals of the same species can stand such a monstrous load of convoluted risks, they have good reasons, hyper reasons. For a cognitive system in order to be involved in such a complexity of situations like being part in an intrigue amongst two or more groups defined by equally complex set of information, can only mean one thing: he has a very sophisticated device to control, manipulate and generate multiple and multiverse set of information. In order to navigate in this complexity, you need to be able to generate it: to be part of that story, you need to be able to tell it.

The cognitive system of our ancestor was going really fast. He used conceptual highway to move fast in a multiverse world of information. To project multiple information in our environment is to perceive and manipulate an augmented reality. The human way is narrativity.

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