Friday, 11 February 2011

Music for a missing orchestra:

Variations on a discontinuum idealism

The universe generously doesn’t care; it is its nature. Only when you have living beings, you have a sort of care. And when you have minds, you have the representation of being there to care, that is, to be a consciousness. One of the side effect of being a consciousness is filling gaps. A cognition detects gaps in the uncaring universe and it is puzzled, because from the caring point of view, everything is either friendly or hostile, but there is a horror vacui for interest. So the consciousness will ignite a narrative construction of habitable narrative environment. This is the mind-terraforming of brains. Because when a cognition accelerates itself in a narrative construction, it manufactures his own minding generation: giving meanings to events is also giving a meaning to the perceiver of meanings.

Things surrounding you can tell you something, because your mind extended itself in the environment as a narrative developer; hence everything is telling that you are the narrative recipient of the stories around you. Asking for consistency is unfolding the narrative. Indeed there is a narrative because a mind is unfolding its cognitive deployment. This is the narrative continuum.

Very easily a mind will deduct that because everything is the story told to a consciousness and the tale is generated by the consciousness itself, then the universe is the mind. This is crazy and the conclusion of the German idealism from Hegel. But…first of all: is it that crazy? Yes. Ok, reformulate is that wrong? No way. Nonetheless, it is wrong. And the reason is that there is a confusion between mind as the deployment of narrativity and mind as the author of narrativity.

Your accelerated brain projects itself as mind through the deployment of narrativity. But it is not the author of the consequent narrations. In other words you generate your narrations but you are not the owner of them. So consciousness is the spirit and it is universal. But it’s not absolute. Is the spirit absolute? I don’t know, I’m just a dude…But consciousness is the representation of the spirit. Because the spirit is a narration. And the narrative representation is “universal” for the human beings; your single consciousness is the individual instance of this technique, handed down from generation to generation. Your mind actually appeared for the first time, roughly speaking, between 50 and 150 thousand years ago. It did appear because the convergence of a bundle of stories generated by a flock of brains.

But if you draw the line of continuum you’ll see the universe as a consciousness. Actually as your consciousness. But the universe is much cooler: it doesn’t care. It’s like the struggle to make your mind blank: no effort is required.

The orchestra finally starts to play in sync. No effort now.

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