Wednesday, 3 March 2010

Total communication:massive content mobilization

Welcome in the era of total communication. To be honest, humans always inhabit an environment of total communication, but it's different when they realize it (or they pretend to realize it: it's the same). Thanks to tools enabling a bi-directional exchange, we are enabled to perceive our environment as a communicative environment. Before men pretend to stand in front a world, events, experience and the communication process followed the real: information of something, where something is the thing, the real one, and the information is the ghost.

Now, clearly, we live in an environment of phantoms: information of information, communicating communications. Scared of living amongst ghosts? Don't worry, you're part of the family...

The experience of total communication simply made explicit what underlies the consciousness and mind process.

Just giving an example: contents. When we are saying something meaningful, we are saying something with a content. A what is a content? A content can stand out in a meaningful environment...And a meaningful environment...what is made of..? Well, we can say the bundle of stories generate an environment of narratives: like there energy distribution “makes” space-time, and only after space-time you can have “something that can be somewhere”.

In the same way, the ontology of communication deploys itself as ideas,concepts,concepts from the pure noise, because it is pure noise. It's a meaningful content stand out in relation to a system of contents. The system turns out to be...just a layers of communication exchange.

Our era shows the factory of content: massive transformation of contents in contents. Content production means will become strategically important. And as soon as people realize the importance of content production, they will start to explore and discover more and more source of production, like exploiting a commodity...

The fact is that the territories to be explored...are ourselves. And the commodity to be extracted is intangible. So communication is nothing?? On the contrary, but you'll find yourself in scary territories, if you don't realize that contents are hosted in semiotic environments and this communicative worlds are ghostly exchange of meaningless actions, performed by anxious primates. 

Who gets the means of (content production), gets the meanings. And if you catch them, you'll find your fist...empty. It doesn't matter if you realize that more than nothing caught, is the nothing of observing this activity. The observer is the true nothing: at the end the mind thing is a story. And when you stretch narratives, you always will find that only when there are other minds you can tell a story: what you communicate is your mind!

The message is...putting together the message.

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