Thursday, 25 March 2010

Semantic insemination:

a narrative-organic self explanation

If you see a meaningful world, it's because you spread meanings in a world. To be more precise, you see meanings spread by others; to be even more precise, you are a bundle of those meanings. Finally and reaching the point, in order to see meanings, you need to spread them. You can't be a passive meanings observer. From a pure objective perspective, there are no meanings in the world. The semantic environment we see, it's a semiotic illusion, produced by our narrations (based on meanings).
Other primates enjoy a social space. Our ape friends are actively involved in complex society. They feel a lot of sophisticated emotions, like pride, jealousy, vanity (quite a narcissistic arsenal...). But none of them is living in a semantic environment: despite huge, massive information crunching brains ( in the same league of ours), an ape brain doesn't see the augmented reality of narrations. An ape brain will see his mates moving in an environment, without semantic augmentation.

Our experience of seeing meanings all around us, it's very peculiar and made possible by our narrative insemination. When you are contemplating parts of your semantic environment, you are far from being passive: every narrative features you see in the world, is actually spread by you. It's a reciprocal effect: others are spreading meanings, but they are silent, until they meet the semantic insemination of being observed (enjoyed) by a narrative mind.
The more you forget about your contribution, the more autonomous, independent and fecund will appear in front of you. And when they look so living they are telling you stories (they are telling you to be as a story), you will consider them such as real as the ground under your feet and the stars upon your head.

And they are real, it's only created by you (by the narrative gang we all are). But this Hegelian delirium must be forgot. It's definitely insane to remind yourself constantly the meaningful world in front of you is handcrafted by your own imaginary:especially because the observer is created by the observation: when you see a semantic world, you're chasing your narrative tail. This is human destiny.
At the end, the world you see, it's a secretion of yours. And yourself is a drop in this self-emerging reality. A drop containing myself as a universe??? This is mad, self-deprecating, logic-insulting...Like being generated by secretions...Welcome to the narrative organic universe. You are making possible your ancestors, observing their narratives, you're making their semantic existance real. You are your father generator. And the yourself narrative can be deployed only through semiotic spreading in the environment: your very reality is made possible by our narrative spreading. You are made possible by your offsprings. Nothing impossible, under the narrative organic sun.

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