Monday, 2 November 2009

Labyrinths:a mind game of death,pleasure and higher cognitive performances

Flowers for Us

Who builds labyrinths? And most of all: why?An intelligent being is required to build labyrinths
and an intelligent being is the victim to be put in the labyrinth.labyrinth.A victim,but also a lover, a mate. You build a labyrinth to veil access without closing the access,it's a sophisticated way to encrypt a passage. I leave you the chance to find the way, it's just there, you need only to solve the puzzle.
Every time you find solutions in the humans world, you find the exit to a labyrinth. Labyrinths are made by humans for humans, to exercise their highest prowess, for pleasure.
Although a labyrinth is good when is difficult and the stake is high:let's say a proper labyrinth put your life at risk. Have you ever tried love? Love sometimes is simply living in comfort and fun; sometimes is cooperation and understanding; sometimes it's a labyrinth that put your life at risk.
We love risks (sometimes!), we love challenges and more on, we love to see someone else trying it. We build arenas and coliseums to see our mates challenge each other, to see
triumphs and defeats. You would find any joy in a quiet march without a winner and without many losers. We discover new ways to preserve our mate from physical pain and actual damages, but it's not less sadistic to put the pride, the honour, the self esteem of our mates at stake. Like “cognitive sharks” we are excited to see our mates exercising their abilities. This is what we do to stay awake, to stay alive. In order to be human, we need self consciousness, and we reach self consciousness in a articulated social process to activate our highest cognitive performances. If you just stand, you won't reach any soon your proper cognitive level of human being.
We are required to pass through a certain degree of cognitive obstacle, to turn on the mind machine, we need to move our brain and make a virtual friction in social environments. In short, we become humans after labyrinths, we need to find ourselves at the end of a wandering and we like to put someone in a labyrinth to let him find himself.
We are the product of a sadistic act of love and we love through the distance we pose to our mates. We are not put in steady orbitals, we reciprocally negotiate the space amongst ourselves.
How many labyrinths do we need to find the exit? It's up to you, my friend. Being inside and outside is relative: you are born when you discovered yourself in the labyrinth, maybe going out from the labyrinth is the exit from life. And another thing:there are no meanings in the labyrinths: the labyrinths are the meanings and as you can see, they are not unambiguous.
I start to think that the gods who built these labyrinths were insane. My friend, enjoy the labyrinth, enjoy the unexpected: pleasure of discover and exercise of your highest cognitive performance. The monstrous unexpected that you can meet in life,it's just the twist on the way, invented by your mate for their pleasure and for fun: hug the unexpected and you'll take part in the pleasure of your mates. Even if uninvited

The unexpected be with you,my friend

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