Thursday, 15 October 2009

Flames of narrative technology.

How to put on fire your party. Vol. 1 technology. Vol.2 narrativity

Vol. 1 .You’re a primate. Life isn’t easy. All these guys chasing you (and they aren’t creditors, they are lions), all this time spent searching for food. It’s cold, and dark. Then your Research and Development department finds the first improvement: fire. Fire is the first technological step. The release 1.0 of Homorama. With fire you gain time (as any technological improvement, see operations consultancy), you make your life easier (less cold, cooked meal: that means you can eat meat), you become less victim: less lions in chase of you. You gain self esteem, technological self esteem. It’s not any more about who has the biggest arm, or the biggest tail. You can show off your discovery. And the curiosity of the first improvement successfully leads you to try again. Without a success, curiosity is pure fantasy. A successful curiosity is promoting itself. Try again. Spend time in research.

Vol. 2. You’re the same primate. Life isn’t easy for you either. You feel the pressure of this boredom and meaningless life. Too much danger, too few rewards. At least give yourself a chance: do something different. I’d tell story, but I’m not sure I have the whole device required, the phonation is still primitive; probably my brain is not yet ready to invent plot and communicate tales. But I can’t stand to gather fruits, flee from lions and be scared all my life. There is a storm, it’s raining, a thunder. Pure courage, pure adventure. And only one step from death. Yes, why not? Why not facing your death? A close thunder , a flash. A burning monster, the hurting demon. You are there to face your death. Why not getting closer to this demon? Facing death, courage, meaningless all this brought you fire. And when you mastered fire. You first communicate your feelings. You started to share. Not just fruits and grooming. You started to share a space, a virtual space, a cognitive virtual space. We are mates not because we’re afraid together. We are sharing a narrative.

Vol. 1. The strange case of life on earth is a case of bio-technological warfare. Every species is escalating the conflict. Just give me one thousand years, I promise, my venom will be more poisonous, my jaws will be more inescapable… Primates were clever and agile. Curious and vulnerable: they needed to escalate dramatically: they needed to do something new. Courage, tools, in one word: they needed to shorten the technological process. Stop with the thousand years: individual life span to measure progress. You need to find something. And when you is involved, we know a mind is just round the corner. Accelerating the technological process, permits to amass a critical cognitive potential.

Vol. 2. The fight for life is a circle. We’ve seen dinosaurs. We’ve seen bacteria. No matter how big, how resistant , the game is written. No fun. But if you can just put apart some minutes, like the dust of your hole in prison. Hide your spared time, like a prisoners hide the dig of a tunnel. And when time is enough, you can go. You have a new world, a world of narratives. This is the fire every man brings with a story. And every man tells a story: himself.

Vol. 1 & 2 During the ages, every man who speaks, every man who tells, is bringing with him this sparkle, old more than 15 000 centuries. Yes, my friend. When you tell a story, you’re passing to your mate a sparkle. Passing the fire is a technology: it’s a narrative technology. A lobster is passing technology to its spring via generation. Our way to pass technology is narrative: every advancement, every improvement, every new trick, it’s a new story. And every story is the deployment of a technology. Every narration is the showing off of a prowess, of technique. In order to tell, you need a stage and a character. And a plot. And a voice telling the story. In other words you need the technology of a mind, the technology to accelerate primate brain with fire. A narrative technology. Fire it up!

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