Saturday, 8 September 2012

The self must pass to be in her place

A mind is the representation of herself; clearly this recursive reflection would be like the blank staring of a mirror reflecting a mirror if it wasn't for a trick. And that is the lack of grace. First of all consciousness is thrown in the world, thanks to the blind case and Heidegger. We arrive in a universe that pre-existed us, we need to learn its rules. Step by step we engage ourselves in the game, till we connect. Connection means that the mind wakes up, it is there. Someone could argue that this entails children don't have mind. They would be right. But I wouldn't make such a fuss about lack of mind. Don't consider yourself such a great man just because you are a mind. Your mind is also the projection of your actions, so bullying infants (or animals) just because your a self-consciousness is really not cool. So if you think yourself as superior just because your brain can project itself in a cultural environment, shaped by its own representation, you're an asshole.

Back to consciousness. The process is never perfect. Since you became yourself, you are there, but rarely you feel to be in control of the world. The few times it happens, it because you're a psychotic. A delusional one. Just because you have a title, president, or many confetti in your pockets, you are far from being in control. You are in control when you realize that the world is a representation and your mind within. So basically it is true that everything is a projection of yours, but your identity and biography are included. If you think that you can command everyone, or shag anything, you have a misled idea of control. When you project yourself in the game, as a player, you will be on the run for the match and you can only be that way. Until you are within, also giving up to play, won't change the anxiety of run.

It's only when you see your consciousness as the spring of generativity of your representations,that you can claim the control. A bit like Rutger Hauer in Lady Hawk, when at dawn is able to see his lady. Kidding.
The fact is that your mind is designed to project a player. She couldn't project without being there as a protagonist of the play. Indeed she learns how to deploy the representations, by the enactment of being on of them. Now, if you think that seeing the source of representations gives you access to any form of transcendency, you drink too much. Yes, of course this twist it's like playing the role of god. But if you think that is impossible to be a god, it's not because it is difficult, or amazing, or high-octaned empowered of special features. It's just because you are overwhelmed by the tradition of religions, which invented this kind of superhero gods. Religions are the Marvel of spirituality. I'm not saying that you shouldn't find any fun, but take it with a pinch of salt. So yes, you're god and you're the same dude, just you take it cosmically easier.

Of course it's good a step back from the traffic of the game. I'm not saying going in the desert, becoming a monk. Well, if it helps you, good. But sometimes dressing the robe becomes a play itself, so be careful. It's just that when you step back, you start to see the projection of the representations. You didn't make the world, but trust, in your life you are responsible for a good chunk of the representations. What's good, what's bad, what they'll think about me. I mean, yes, they obviously think about you. But they don't care so much as you do about yourself. There are exception, in love affairs, in teenagehood, in the Catholic Church. But generally it is ok.  

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