Wednesday, 2 May 2012

The spectacular show of the Brain - In prose

If someone says that he never feared death, not even once, he would be a liar. There are a lot of reasons, but the most sound is that human consciousness is awareness of mortality. Heidegger was so convinced of that, he stated that man is being for death. You could say that what really defines mind is consciousness of being limited, that is, doomed to finish, to die, to go kaput.

The argument goes that self intelligence realizes the impermanence of everything and recognizes of being part of that everything. So, intelligence is a self realization of impermanence. And that's scary.
Because we are designed to look for pleasure and impermanence is not pleasant. We see everything that we can perceive as incomplete: it is nice, but impermanent. Sometimes we can make up this by ignoring impermanence or projecting indefinite permanence. In a word, we'd like the story to be continued. Somehow, at least. We seek fame, fortune, we hope our sons will do great, we keep telling stories, the story.

The big problem is that we are incapable of accepting a fragmented story. A story that goes nowhere. Bear in mind that a story can be unfinished. That's more than possible. An author that doesn't finish his novel, a young death, a sudden change of fortune on the verge of a big hit, ending with absolutely nothing. But in all cases, the story is unfinished, not incomplete. The difference? You can easily project a segment to the story, you can image how it could go on. It's because our self consciousness is a narrative intelligence. You probably don't pay attention to that, but we are distributing narratives all over the places. We spread narratives in our environment: we inseminate every meaning in our habitat as a piece of a story. And we love to see stories! We find that to be a story generator is great. We find corals very cute, but would like to swap your life with theirs??? Boring! We are dreaming of flying, because it's so amazing to fly over the places and ... would like to swap with a pigeon? Would you appreciate flight as much as if you were a pigeon?

Being human is super fun, because is intriguing, there is a lot going on, threats and promises and ways to change the plot. Most of all because we can reflect about it. We can laugh about it: human life can be so fun because we can have fun: we can superimpose irony on facts and that's really funny. Sense of humor is super fun. And it's a big shame everything has to go to the bin.

Our brain is so excited by the show is projecting to himself, that it doesn't want it to stop. Or better: the brain is so excited by the show that it is triggered to create a spectator for the show. The show is so great that the brain design an audience for it. And here it comes the mind. Because the mind can observe the show insofar it's the show. 

Of course when the mind realizes she's the show, she doesn't want it to finish, it's an addiction for narrativity. It is painful just to think that the show one day will end. So painful that the mind would consent to remain spectator of pure nothing, but still being. In fact this is immortality: to attend an endless show where plot and stories are becoming meaningless. Do you think you will pay attention to the intricacies of a man and woman relationship, after several millions of years? Why I say millions? Just after some hundreds years: the same stories all and all over again. 

The mind game is designed to make sense in one lifetime. Immortality is tasteless. You already have what it takes to be satisfied. You are the biggest show on earth. 


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