Saturday, 10 March 2012

The Birth of Consciousness from the Spirit of Representation

The mark of consciousness is its own being there.

I'm here and only here, I'm the unique focus of awareness of my very presence. I can think that I could be someone else, like someone else. But I'm myself. There are reasons for that. Self consciousness is the deploy of awareness of being there. It's an act of representation. The cognitive activity of self monitoring in the process of representing that very activity, generates the observable by the means of the activity. We observe a phenomenon created by observation. But how could such observation start before the creation of the phenomenon itself??

It's easy. Your mind is the acceleration of the brain you are associated with. The developmental environment,in which you have been raised, infrastructured your mind and little by little your brain acted more and more like a mind. Pieces of representation, dates, places, characters.

They told you stories, they told of princesses and dragons, of Homer, they told you that people traveled to the moon, they told you that the moon is very big and very far. They told you a lot of things. Many screwed their brain to verify the truth of what has been told. But truth is within the horizon opened by the stories. It's like the big bang: law of physics start at a certain point after the beginning. So truth came after the horizon of awareness have been born. And you need to build the horizon, you need the scaffolding of stories to drag out a mind from the brain.

When the stream of narrations accelerate the brain in to a mind, here we are, awareness of being there appears. Self consciousness wakes up and truth and fiction can make sense. When your brain becomes capable of narrations, when it's finally able to tell the story of its consciousness, then we have the observer of the representation. We are the sons of our own representation, through the belief in our narrations.

A child is believed to be a consciousness, everyone tells him that he is a consciousness. Little by little the small man acts his own representation. And when enough narrative can be deployed in front, then the sense of a consciousness can be traced back down the representation.

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