Sunday, 4 September 2011

Impatience of Dharma

My amino acid chain is longer than yours

When we discuss of wisdom, there is a very tempting attitude: the underlying force. You see, I'm calm and peaceful but it's just from the virtue of the underlying truth of my wisdom. Do you believe in Western medicine? Oh poor fool. You agree on a practice that disentangled consciousness and body? If it wasn't for a superior respect for myself, I'd definitely have spitted in your face. Do you believe in quantum physics: please. Do you believe in a wisdom that is saying:we cast our dices, we read the dices, we made the prediction. But you don't understand how, why and where. And when. Well, in quantum physics, we don't really understand a lot...But it works! Anyway. You shouldn't believe in it. And here is coming the Dharma impatience.

Your wisdom is defecting? I know, we have incredible more powerful gigastronic wheel of prayers that will embarrass your limited resources. Of course the more you understand of western medicine and quantum physics, the more you would like to approve the Dharma impatience. But this is a mistake so colorful as the ass of a mandrill.

Dharma wisdom should appeal to the dissolvence of your epistemic itch. The thin line is with ignorance. Dissolvence of wisdom is not ignorance, but is the grammar fading. Like repeating a word until it loses its meaning, which doesn't equal to no having a meaning at all. A flower has no why, but it's precious our way to reach the silent smile of a lotus. Before sleeping in to uncosciousness, like Jim Morrison sang, this is the gate. Not being unaware. A stone is unaware. Respect it, but don't take it as a master. While, the dissolvence of wisdom, is the gate. And you should take the fading of grammar that entails quite seriously.

When it is stated that god doesn't exist, it's not atheism. It's saying that god is nowhere you can touch him (please, keep your suspicions). When it is stated than the universe doesn't exist, it's not saying that a punch in your face won't hurt. It is saying that the self is building pain from the punch.

When it is stated that the self doesn't exist, it's not nihilism. It's saying that the self is not precious as you deem it to be ( please, keep your suspicions).

Dharma is not beneath the structures. It is not hidden behind a photon. For god sake, do you think that there is a dharmic world behind ours? Do you think that with super dharma particle accelerator we'll see a dharmic world? So maybe a dharma microscope powerful enough will scout the buddhahood? Let me order another pint for you first. Second dharma wisdom is in you grammar, in your language. Deeper is not microscopic, it's simply clearer, in its meaning. So when dharma says that there is no good, be surprised and joyful, because no god will punish you anymore. When dharma says there is no world, be surprised and joyful because there is no ground for sufference. And when dharma says there is no self, take it seriously. And of course, be joyful.

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