Friday, 28 January 2011

Mind Terraforming

When a brain lands in a narrative environment, it starts the cognitive terraforming. Everything is alien and harsh. And new. The neuro-connections spread their experience to entangle the environment. Wave after wave of cognitive exploration, a brain infects its world of its cognitive extensions; the narrative world answers shaping the soft tissues of a will-be character. Day after day the narrative forces manipulate the brain to assume cognitive posture and manoeuvring the strings of neuro-projections in the environment, a brain starts to walk like the representation of itself: a character. The prolonged acquaintance with narration gives a brain the practice to experience the being of a human figure: stories are shaking brains until they drop out minds.

Conversely, when narrations detect a brain, they inoculate the practice of living like humans: the colonization of stories begins. A brain is an alien world and the stories need to work out the cognitive atmosphere to survive. Step by step a brain is mind-terraformed by narrations and when the process is completed a consciousness rises.

Indeed the mind is a narrative technology handed down generations by generations. Narrations are mind-terraforming newly born brains. This was the urgency provoked by an immense representational capacity by the Homo Sapiens Sapiens cerebra and the cognitive magnitude found the way to stabilize the frantic tendency to represent itself by narrations. A mind is the viable and sustainable way for a brain to represent itself and this technique is handed down in human communities.

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