Monday, 31 May 2010

The Sheep Simurg: Nobody in the Mirror

What is a ghost? Let's say is your mind cheating. Wind is playing with a bush, and your mind sees a creature. Easy. Your mind has been told there is one third of the lord of the physical laws and in fact this one third is the Holy Ghost. Easy. Now try to play a bit harder. There is nobody around, you remember a kid of your childhood. He was singing the song of the shepherd. And you think of a storm, when you are having a stroll in the mountain. It rains and you're far from home. Damn! I'll be wet and cold, not pleasant. It doesn't matter, as soon as I'll get home, whisky and milk, stroking a cat (milk is for him). Stop.

You can get home if you have one. Now say you're outside in the rain and you don't have a place to go. I'm not saying you don't see actually a shelter. You're outside, it rains and your place IS there. This is when you feel lost. It's not your mind, 'cause it's not a problem of location. The difference is that you know where you are and it's where you have to be. You're lost because your soul is lost. And your place is outside when it rains. Ouch. Do we believe in soul? Well, if you say something like my ghost haunting a castle or the immortal essence that will survive every accident of my body...Not really. But if I think of me lost in the rains, yes, I can think of this. I can think of persons I love in this situation. I can actually see them. It's not that difficult to see human beings who are lost. What is lost? Soul, mind,... They feel like a sheep, lost in the mountain. A shepherd will come?... This is a story.

The sheep doesn't know a shepherd will come. Sometimes wolfie comes before the guy. Sometimes the sheep starts to wander and find other sheep. And together they cross rivers and peaks. The herd is crying and they see good sheep-friends dying. Hard decisions and fights. But also time for a talk, in the cave. They learned how to use fire. They sing. They are not scared anymore. They reached the village, on two legs. They are shepherds. When a lot sheep finds his way, she was a shepherd. Long life to things we don't believe in.

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