Saturday, 24 April 2010

Thinking Dynamo:

mind motion

Cognitive activity is located in the brain. Physically, electricity and some chemistry of your nervous system. But the multiple actions human body are capable of, lie on the complex architecture of representations. Actually, “we” are products hosted by this architecture. This architecture is neither electrical nor chemical. In another words, physical causation is trasferred through our bodies by scope of action of this representations. Your body will interact with other bodies (and ther extensions or prosthesis), because is convinced of doing something in the representational environment. This representational environment is real as is real Pinocchio and King Arthur. Before misleading: they are real.

You can imagine how Pinocchio or King Arthur will behave. You can imagine further adventures. In these new adventure, you can introduce new characters. Because we are not so platonist, adventures don't pre-exist the narrations. Therefore when we imagine new adventures, only through the narration we are able to make it real. This is the generative power of narrations: in so far you make real a new adventure with Pinocchio and a new mate, you are also introducing in the game of stories, a new narrative perspective: the author. An author is a character evoked with the purpose to tell further stories.

The mind is generated by the thinking dynamo: a reciprocal narration. Stories make spin the brain of a human being (you can say they accelerate it...). When a human brain starts to spin, it spins narratively. Your cognition is activated through narrations: you are a story. Indeed one authoral story: a story that can author further stories. The author call itself “I”, the subject, the self. It's the beginning of a new story. A mind is borne.

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