Saturday, 15 August 2009

Singing in the rain of happening

Facts happen. Wow man, you're wisdom is deep! Seriously, this is what you need to know; the problem is that we are supposed to confuse this in order to see it! I'm not joking: to see clearly we need to see through clouds and mirrors, but then we got trapped in the means we used to go through.

Back to the beginning: facts happen. Do you find this issue deserving attention? If yes, you're metaphysical enough to find this already entertaining, if not, give me just two minutes more.

Humans, including you, are intrinsically engaged in this question. It started for good reason: our old mates needed to forecast the behavior of herds to prey, so we exercise cognitive skills, then we improved with imaging social dynamics in groups of similar mates with articulated cognitive skills and suddenly, without even being aware, your big buddy brain develops layers of questions, abstract scenarios of enigmas and ....that's it: in few millions years, from chasing antelopes, you developed a metaphysical itch. Surely this is the waste of time that only bored and inconclusive intellectuals can afford to enjoy (I totally agree), but the interesting thing is that every man suffers from this itch, just most of us prefer to call destiny (with) different names.

It starts to itch when we want to know. When we want to understand what's going on. We want to know how to do this and that, we want to know the rules of the game. It doesn't matter if your cake is more investment banking or the latest crazy nutters with guitars, the urge to scratch is there. We can try know to make a discourse good for both. Say that the scratch is understanding the nature of happening: how is made the flow of facts? What is the structure of the consequences we call "happening"? Is it a chaos or a destiny? Am I here because I decided it or I bounced from this and that randomly? You don't need to scratch your chin professionally to ask yourself questions on this tune. Am I going in the right direction? This pretty much the question.

The first option is to consider facts in your life as events with an underlying sense, a logical connection of meanings: now it's happening this because this is the essence of my / my parents / grandparents / ancestors doing. It's ok and fine. It can give you satisfaction or annoyance. The problem is that we live in a very complicated environment. You need very powerful stories. When you believe in a story, you believe that this story is connection of facts in your life. A story more powerful than the bouncing of facts. Conflicting facts. Stories are told and even the most interesting story has some flaws. And when a story is flawed, is still a good story, but it can hold all the falling facts. Some facts simply are not bounded by the story. They happen regardless the story. And when a fact happens outside of the story, you start to see more and more. In a blink, you're not interested that much in the story and you see only facts and facts, just dropping of facts. One more mere fact, one more that's it, that's just it. In a sudden facts are atomic drops simply falling.
It happens you found yourself in your shoes more or less randomly. But at a certain point at seventeen / twentyfive / thirtyone/ .../ you embrace your life and take your way. We are drops? Fine, but I'm a conscious drop. Maybe the plot told to me is fading and fictional, maybe it's not "true", but I, as a drop,as the unity of my "drophood",am here. And I decide what to do. Facts are falling in my life, but my reactions, my decisions, my will are real, they're really mine. I'm the conscious drop, I'm awaken. I'm.

But you're still falling. Facts are still happening. You are right, you're wrong. You win, you lose. Sometimes you see the connections, sometimes you bloody don't. And what is your certainty that this time you are getting right? Well I'm an awaken drop! So: you are a conscious drop and you are falling precisely where you want...Interesting. And this time you decided with all your heart to fall down. Wow big man, you are spirited! Decisions happen.

We know we are living in a society that bomb us with several messages, from parents expectations, to commercials, from religions to partners, everyone is manipulating our mind. Still I'm what I'm. I'm the refined product of a civilization that poses as biggest good your capacity to self-determine events. I agree. And this is a good thing. No matter how manipulated is our common sense, it's good to be in charge of your life. It's good to strive to understand what's going on. I do consider this good. But this doesn't mean we need to trick ourselves.

Take science. I consider myself more a scientist than, say, a priest (much more). I do believe more in quantum mechanics than in the trinity. And exactly for my scientific education, I know I'm falling. Down. I know that science is a good explanation, but it's not the knowledge of the falling. It's a story. It's the most realistic story about the falling, now. But we don't necessarily take the most realistic story as the most convincing, It's a choice. It's a taste.

We know a lot about minds, we always did. Now we know a lot because of science. Other times, other tastes. But one thing is sure: you need to understand minds to do things in human realms! We know a lot about minds and we know a lot about all the ways our minds try to fool us (hope you see the comic side of this sentence...). We know we fool ourselves. In the good way. We are made to fool ourselves, because at their core, minded animals are self-foolers. They are not telling something wrong, they are just telling.We are telling.And telling is the human way to fall:fooling.

A bit upset? Don't, please, my friend. Stories are just the entanglement of our falling. We live in lies in the sense that we live in dreams:that's not bad!
Still unconvinced?, try this. We are falling, right? We know we are falling down (with the knowledge you prefer, science? ok. Internal wisdom? fine. Religion? your choice, but it's ok). Now take the last jump. We are the awaken drop, aren't we? Cool. But, you see, we are drops of happening in the universe as your falling thoughts are in your mind. Your mind is the universe of thoughts that happen to fall in your consciousness. But I'm really thinking what I'm thinking! Sure. And the world is really made of facts that happen.
Facts happen. Your thoughts happen. We need stories to happen in order to be humans, to be ourselves;but don't get trapped in the trick. We happen as stories. You're falling, because you happen, because you're a fact, because you're one drop more.

Still dubious? My very last advice:"Dance monkey,dance!".

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